Summary of Living Things

As a class we discussed what we had learned during the topic of living things.  The children thought about what they had learned throughout the topic and what they found most enjoyable.  This is what the children had to say:   Molly I really enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a chicken because I […]

The different parts of a plant.

Today we were learning to identify the different parts of a plant.  We learned how to identify the flower, stem, leaves and roots of a plant. Lauren: I was successful because I was able to mould the clay into the shape of a flower and I was also successful at labelling the different parts of a […]

Planting Cress Seeds

Primary 1.3 planted cress seeds today. First we put wet cotton wool in the bottom of a container. Then we each sprinkled seeds all over the cotton wool. We put them all in different places to see how it affects their growth.   Adam W: I was sucessful at planting the cress seeds because we […]

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Primary 1.3 was learning to identify the different stages in the life cycle of a butterfly. The children worked around three stations.  At station 1 was a writing activity where the children had to identify what happened at each stage in the life cycle and write about it. At station 2 the children made symmetrical […]